Research Interests

I am currently pursuing doctoral studies in musicology at Stanford University. My research interests lie at the intersection of music and politics. Specifically, I investigate the ways in which totalitarian regimes appropriate musical repertories and performing bodies in order to uphold and legitimate their political ideologies. My current focus is on the use of musical resources during the Cultural Revolution in the People's Republic of China.

Previous work includes my Master's thesis, in which I investigated how the bureaucratic structure of Germany's National Socialist regime influenced Nazi construction of an aesthetic and artistic program. Other recent work includes topics such as:

  • musical appropriations by the Nazi regime during Germany's Third Reich; 
  • an examination of Verdi's Aida in its context as a commission by Egyptian ruler Khedive Ismail, and what the Egyptian aristocracy stood to gain through Verdi's overtly orientalist, and extravagantly expensive production;
  • and work on the role of music in contemporary American political campaigns.

Recent scholarly activities include: